Hiking and relaxing in the Geraer City Forest. Gera has the largest connected forest area of all Thuringian towns. Directly behind our complex you will find numerous hiking trails on which you can relax and listen to nature.


Length 1.4 km

This route runs through a small orchard directly into the Geraer City Forest to the former Milbitzer Heilstätten. These were built by Gera’s pharmacist Louis Schlutter at the end of the 19th century. In 1927, a basic expansion of the complex took place. In 1940, the sanatorium was a military hospital and had an average of 150 war casualties. The sanatorium was used after the Second World War by the Soviet army as a military hospital of the GUS-forces until 1990. Today, the remaining buildings, which are under monument protection, are gradually becoming derelict. A building on the site has been partially renovated and is now inhabited by private individuals. The boiler house and the building of the sanatorium have become hopelessly ruined. When returning, you can walk over the historic cemetery of Untermhaus. This was founded in 1886. Numerous grave sites of Gera manufacturers in the back of the site are reminiscent of Gera’s prosperity as an industrial city at the end of the 19th century. In addition to Krefeld, Gera was awarded the title “Richest City in Germany”.


Length 4,2 km

Enjoy a hike through the Geraer City Forest. The trail leads to an altitude of approximately 300 meters above sea level. On the summit, you will have a beautiful panoramic view over Gera from autumn to spring. From Ernsee, you can only see a small part on this route. The birth of Ernsee, is most likely in connection with Schloss Osterstein. The chamber of Ernsee was used for supplying the castle, in particular sheep-breeding. In 1827, the village comprised a stately home, a sheep farm, a forestry farm, fifteen houses and 85 inhabitants. In 1922, Ernsen was incorporated into the city of Gera. Erntssee is now growing steadily due to its unique location.


Length 8 km

This tour is characterised by broad hiking trails and pure nature. If you leave the buildings of the former Milbitzer Heilstätten behind, you will soon reach the first garden plants, only to enjoy a fascinating view over the wide landscape in the open field. In Rubitz, turn right before the railway underpass onto a riding and hiking trail, which leads directly into the Geraer City Forest. On the way through the forest you can listen to nature and let your mind wander. After approximately 2.5 km, you will reach the natural monument “Kalte Eiche”. The tree is visible as a landmark near Ernsee and is about 500 years old. The oak has a circumference of 6.20 meters. The exposed position on a high altitude gives the “Cold Oak” its name. If you continue along the road, you will reach Ernsee. In 1922, Ernsee was incorporated into the city of Gera. Erntssee is now growing steadily due to its unique location. Following the signposting trail, you will pass the “Brandeiche”, which burned after a lightning strike in the inner of the tree and is hollow since that day. Again, enter into the Geraer City Forest and back to the Zwergschlösschen.


The Thüringenweg is characterised by its varied landscapes. Over 410 km, it crosses Thuringia from Altenburg in the east to Creuzburg in the west. It is divided into 23 stages.

7th Stage Gera – Bad Köstritz

Tour length

18,5 km


Blue dot on white square


Bus station: Gera-Liebschwitz – OT Taubenpreskeln – Zoitzberg – districts Zwötzen – district Debschwitz – settlement Heinrichsgrün – district Untermhaus – Ernsee/Hammelburg – Schiefergasse – OT Rubitz – Kleine Crosse – Rasthütte Great Crosse – Bad Köstritz







6th Stage Berga – Gera

Tour length

23 km


Blue dot on white square


Berga/Oak – Memorial – Albersdorf – Barrier Wall – Mountain of the Berga Hiking Club – Hammermichelbaude – Clodramühle – Clodraleite – Silberberg – Veitskirche – Train station: Wünschendorf – Kuchenberg – Großfalka – Pösneck – Unlitz – Gera-Liebschwitz


Since 1996, the Leutratal in Jena has been one of eight main areas of the nature reserve project “Orchideenregion Jena”.

Experience the exhilarating beauty of orchid diversity in the Leutratal from May to June. On a beautiful walk, you will discover the lady orchid (Orchis purpurea), military orchid (Orchis militaris), and lady`s slipper orchid (Cypripedium calceolus). You can leave the car in Leutra and use the NABU information centre as a starting point.


NABU Thüringen, Leutra 15, 07751 Jena, Phone 03641-605704, www.thueringen.nabu.de

Public guided tours

May – June every Saturday, Sunday and holiday: 10.00 am and 2.00 pm